Mediterranean Living Heritage Conference In "House of World Cultures" in Paris

Mediterranean Living Heritage Conference In


Mediterranean Living Heritage Conference (final evaluation) Began in House of World Cultures.
Began in Dar cultures of the world Paris Conference final evaluation of the Mediterranean Living Heritage, which includes 3 countries are Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, a 25-minute documentary heritage film has been presented, directed by Ayman al-Khoury.
Ambassador Maria Francisca Spatoleezzano Head of Delegation of the European Union and itw ambassador to UNESCO Opened the conference,and introduced forms of intangible heritage from the three countries, including Alataba and Almijana and Abu Alzelv, and Alihurabi and Hada, and Algrdh, and scars,and Aladiat.
the Egyptian delegation presented models of intangible heritage for the Damietta governorate, including the furniture industry, and rituals traditional related to the River Nile, as well as the engineer Safwat Salem Secretary of the Egyptian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, introduced beginning of the project, which was launched in Damietta since 4 months, and What intangible Heritage collectors reached yet, and Salem demanded the communication until collection of Egyptian heritage in all the governorates of Egypt.

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