Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage


In light of the implementation of the partnership between UNESCO and the Euromed Heritage EU, which aims to enhance the contribution of effective international mechanisms to safeguard the Intangible cultural heritage and develop procedures maintain the participation of local communities, groups and relevant in each of the four partners, and within the framework Euromed Heritage, which is an new achievement about recognizing culture as an incentive to promote mutual understanding between the peoples of the Mediterranean today has become part of the mechanism the European Neighbourhood and Partnership program aims to facilitate the adoption of the peoples of the national cultural heritage and regional levels through the provision of easy access to science and knowledge within the cultural heritage sector.

The Euromed Heritage projects that are under it opportunities to exchange experiences and channels for the dissemination of best practices as well as to create new horizons for the development of cultural climate between the institutions at the national and regional levels.

The project includes the preservation of Mediterranean Living Heritage(Medliher) in first and second phases of both (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria) for Egypt is implementing the first phase which is to contribute to the effective international mechanisms to safeguard the cultural heritage Alamady and develop procedures maintain the participation of local communities and groups pertinent, with the participation of the Commission and the Center for Documentation of cultural and civilizational heritage in Cairo.

Then followed by the second phase that the global meeting in Cairo with the participation of the four partner countries and host a delegation of the State of Palestine on an informal basis and representative UNESCO and European Union to stand on the implementation of the project and evaluation of projects submitted by States.

We are now implementing the third phase of Medliher project which greatly delayed because of what happened from the events and the Arab Spring revolutions in the participating countries and the impact it was decided that the third phase includes all of Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

At this stage is expected to carry out activities to maintain the intangible cultural heritage of the definition of the Convention and how elements of the selection process inventory and prepare the preliminary lists of inventory and the preparation of nomination files for these lists.

In conclusion that such projects have great role in the collection and the promotion and preservation of intangible heritage which reflects peoples' identity and falls in the heart of many of the issues raised in the era of globalization and private knowledge and practices involved in this heritage linked to nature and lifestyles and social and economic relations but it is an essential element The key to achieving sustainable development, which is also of the goals pursued by UNESCO to achieve them.


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