Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage

Mediterranean Living Heritage Conference 

UNESCO held an Evaluation meeting for inscribing ICH elements in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon on the Mediterranean Intangible Cultural Heritage Map. The meeting took place in UNESCO HQ in Paris. On this occasion, UNESCO issued a booklet entitled “Another View for Mediterranean Living Heritage”, the booklet includes samples of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon as it presents photos of ship building in Ezzbet El-Borg, “Mifa” Bedouin Bread, sand burial in Ras El-Bar and fishing with “Doura” in Damietta’s Nile.

Ambassador. Mohammed Sameh Amr, Egyptian Permanent Delegate for UNESCO, Ambassador. Maria Francesca, EU representative, Mrs. Cecille Duvel, Head of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage Sector, Mr. Ayman Khoury, director of the documentary film, secretary generals of Egyptian, Jordanian and Lebanese national commissions and Intangible Heritage holders attended the final ceremony.

Gregor B.M. Meiering, independent assessment expert for the MEDLIHER project, presented a report of the mistakes for each country participating in the project. Mr. Meiering  tahnked the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO for their efforts in implementing the project in a short time.

A documentary film of the project was projected and discussed afterwards. Then Goergy Abu-Anton and Elias Khalil ,Lebanese Zajat poets, and Mohammed Abdallah ,Jordanian Rababa player, made an entertainment show outside the meeting hall.


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