Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage

Medliher Implementation Phases


Mediterranean  Living Heritage Project (MEDLIHER) Includes in first and second phases of both (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria) for Egypt the first phase was implemented which is to contribute to the effective international mechanisms to safeguard the Intangible cultural heritage and develop procedures maintain the participation of local communities and relevant groups, with the participation of the Commission and the Center for documentation of cultural and civilizational heritage in Cairo.



Then followed by the second phase that the global meeting in Cairo with the participation of the four partner countries and host a delegation of the State of Palestine on an informal basis and UNESCO and EU representative to stand on the implementation of the project and evaluation of projects submitted by States.


And the third phase to the implementation of intangible cultural heritage project in Damietta governorate as part of the heritage of the Nile and by inventory of intangible elementscultural heritage in Damietta and with the help of community members to maintain the implementation of the Convention intangible heritage 2005. The work of inventories of intangible cultural heritage in preparation for inscribing on UNESCO lists representative or Urgent Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage.


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