Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage

Field Work

 As the different territories of Damaietta were divided into four main territories, Urban territory, Countryside territory, Coast territory, and Bedouin territory, four teams were assigned to investigate each one. After collecting data on ICH element in each territory, the scientific committee selected a group of key ICH elements in Damietta, 35 ICH elements.


The elements that were enlisted in the ICH inventory are:


From the Coast territory: 

- Fishing with Dora. 

- Hand Drawings on boats. 

- Pilgrimage drawings on walls.

- Sand burial as a rheumatic treatment.

- Sofa (as a treatment for barren women).

- LaKm (popular game).

- Procession of Mules (before slaughtering them in Eid el Adha) (Zafa).

- Procession of sheuer (before wedding).

- Daya (traditional midwife).

From Urban territory: 

- Meshabek (sweets). 

- Cheese.

- Saiadeya(food).

- Duck morta (food). 

- Procession or Damietta Zafa.

- Monitoring the Tomb of saint Beshay

- Oyma (hard wood shaping).

- Oya

- Eshash architecture. 

Rural community Group:

- Gabanat architecture (graves).

- Well of Set-Walda (Location related with a set of knowledge).

- Shardia (a rope on the waist of the bride)

- Palm tree climber.

- Tahneen (pilgrimage songs).

- Dama (type of art of performance).

- Sedad and keep (papyrus craft).

Bedouin Community Group: 

- Tanguib (announcement of the death of someone).

- Falconry

- Tahteeb (sport for men).

- Reading stars to know the forecast. 

- Baking by using Mefa Korsa and Saj.

- Beshaa (to test sincerity)

- Embroidery of bride veil

- Tent handcraft 

The scientific committee laid down a set of principles and presentations to be followed by the four groups when selecting or collecting data on these items to be authentic data and the coordinators were informed by such directions to publicize among the four groups.another set is to be documented soon, burial , Mesaharaty, Moled, traditions and beliefs related.

IV. The audiovisual documentation

The film team is working this week starting Saturday 12th October on some of the selected items. They are as follows:

• Fishing with Dora

• Hand drawings on boats

• Meshabek

• Procession of Damietta Zafa

• Dama (type of art performance)

• Palm tree climber

• Falconry

• Baking by using Mef Korsa and Saj





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