Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage 

Field collection team

The Field Collection Teams' mission is to collect and document the elements of ICH in Damietta and fill ICH Inventory forms for each ICH element. Field researchers have been divided into four teams, Coast team , Urban team, Bedouin team and Countryside team, and each team has a supervisor to director the researchers. General coordinator for the four teams also has been assigned.


، The main tasks of the data collection teams are the following: 


  • Setting geographical areas of each team ،
  • Promoting MEDLIHER project, its objective and impact in local communities ،
  • Promoting the Convention of Safeguarding Intangible Heritage in local communities،
  • Selecting key elements of ICH in each area.
  • Filling ICH inventory forms
  • photographing and filming each interview done in field work،

The Field Collection teams are:


Coast Team

Mr. Saad El-Agha



Mrs. Toaa El-Morsy


Mr. Samir Hamada

Head of PR Department


Mrs. Amal El-bermebaly


Urban Team

Mr. Helmy El-Sayed Yassin

Reporter and Short Story Writer


Mr. Samir Mostafa El-Fil

Poet and Story-Writer

Mr. Hasan Farid El-Maleh

Folk Poet


Mr. Maher William Aziz

CountrySide Team

Mrs. Ahlam Shehata Sadeq

Journalist and Poet


Mr. Abu-El-Khir Hafez

Folk Poet

Mr. Fekry El-Sherbiny Dawood

Principle of Sawalem High School and Story-Writer


Mrs. Karima Sabet Ghounim

Instructor and Tour Guide

Mr. Salah Saad

Arabic Teacher


Mr. Ahmed Khamis Ibrahim


Bedouin Team

Mr. Ahmed Ahmed Sholah

PR and Culture Specialist


MR. Gamal El-BelTagy Mohammed

Agriculture Engineer

Mrs. Mona Ahmed Farag

Senior Researcher at Atlas of Folklore and Cultural Reference


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