Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage

Evaluative Seminar


 Within the framework of the implementation of the Mediterranean Living Heritage (Meliher) project, Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO sponsored by Prof. Minister of Higher Education, Chairman National Commission for UNESCO, held evaluation seminar of the third phase of the phase ||| of medliher project and on Thursday 02/08/2012, in the presence of Euromed EU representative/ Christopher Jeranz and participation of members of the scientific Committee, and the coordinating Committee, and those responsible for the project with the Egyptian national Commission.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Eng Safwat Salem Secretary-General of the National Commission welcomed Messrs. attendance and highlighted the stages undergone by the project over the previous two phases and then went on the third phase, which Damietta has been selected  to implement the project ,he praised  in close cooperation between the European Union and UNESCO and Therefore, it is important to promote dialogue between cultures, and thanked the European Union for his contributions in this important project, and then touched to talk about the activities undertaken by the Egyptian side in the project and inventories and field collection in Damietta and why was chosen Damietta specifically.

Mr. Christopher Jeranz that the project is not just a normal activity, but a large movement to preserve intangible heritage in Egypt and other partner countries the project, and identified himself and his work over twenty years in the field of cultural heritage tangible and intangible and it is not easy task as it is difficult to get information and there are techniques and special skills for that.


And Dr.Hafiz Shams Elddin displayed the unique location of Damietta and reported that industry cultures there unique, whether tangible or intangible, and pointed out that the data that will be collected will be documented in a book supported images will be printed and published and distributed widely, and pointed to the Commission's cooperation with non-governmental organizations through cooperation in the work of conferences and workshops with the Arab countries participating in the project and that this book will be the first book to confine the intangible heritage in Damietta.

Took the floor. D. Mohammed Abulkhair about the role of media in a globalized world where the media has become a factor on the thought and minds of men, so it was the Commission's decision to declare the start of the project through an information seminar to shed light on them and invite personalities from many parts of the government, civil society and public figures and men radio, television and the press, and in an effort to raise awareness among different parties and the media to understand the meaning of intangible heritage to bridge the gap between organizations working in the field and working in separate islands and the importance of networking.






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