Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage

Evaluation Meeting


within the framework of the European Union and UNESCO follow-up to Mediterranean Living Heritage Project(Medliher), the Egyptian National Commission held an Evaluation meeting, on 21st of October 2012 to discuss the implementation of the project and how to confront the obstacles faced by the participants in the project at the premises of the Egyptian National Commission. the meeting was inaugrated by Eng. Safwat Salem, Secretary-General of the Commission, and with the presence of:
• Mr. / Gregor, Euromed project representative, 
• Ms. / Tamara ,representative of the Regional Office of UNESCO in Cairo, 
• Scientific Committee of the project 
• Supervisors of field collection teams.
• Coordinating Committee team 
• Team of the National Commission 

Dr. Hisham Abd El-Aziz presented a progress report on the field work in Damietta.
Where, he explained, cultural diversity is present.  and he emphasized on the conditions to be met for the Intangible Cultural Heriateg elemnts that will be inscribed on UNESCO ICH list. Specific elements were selected for the documentary film.
 Dr. Hesham introduced some of problems that faced the data collection team by working in Ramadan.
He then presented Statistics of the work that has been done and he  showed examples of what was filmed on bread Almiva and its baking method.
then  Photographer.Ahmed Hassan, a member of the audio-Visual Documentation Team, discussed what was photographed for the film and techniques used.
Dr. Mustafa Gad talked about the workshop for field researchers and preparation of the workshop of the preparation of nomination files then he displayed the results of the the 4 days of training, a 420 image and 3 hours Video 16 registration and 38 ICH element so far in which 7 of them were chosen for the film.
Eng.Safwat Salem talked about promoting the project in the media and highlighting the role of the European Union and UNESCO and their efforts in this regard.


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