Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer)

Intangible culture heritage in Damietta as a part of the Nile Heritage

Coordinating Committee

 The Administrative and Organizational procedures taken by the  Coordinating Committee for the third phase of medliher 


The  Coordinating Committee undertook the following responsibilities:

- Contacting the official in charge of the project in UNESCO to settle down the planning on the light of UNESCO's guidelines.

-Laying an overwhelming vision for the project and considering the technical, financial and administrative issues

- Forming a technical ICH committee from among professionals and experts, and academics for implementation and discussion of all steps to be taken. This committee met for 3 months even 

before the start of the project to figure out the means of implementation nominates and select the trainees, decide activities,... etc

-Coordination of all work considering contracting with organs, individuals and providing all facilities that guarantee a successful implementation.

- in the stage of implementation, the  Coordinating Committee took all the organizational procedures to hold an informative seminar to announce the launching of the third phase. Laying budget, renting a 

hall in a hotel, inviting professionals and experts from NGOs, governmental organs UNESCO and European representatives preparing all paper works related to the event, and inviting media 

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-The  Coordinating Committee assisted in holding the training workshop in Damietta, calling upon nominees from specialized organs in ICH, including in the selection process assigning heads of groups,booking hotel for all participants and renting the meeting hall, arranging and dealing with all 

paper works. And also, responsible for issuing the leaflets, bulletins and reports on the project in general in all of its steps cooperation with ICH committee





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