• Using ICT in Eradicating Illiteracy

    This publication is dedicated to document the proceedings of the regional workshop that was organized by the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO in collaboration with the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut. The workshop aimed to exchange experiences of Arab and international experts in the...

  • MAB and Environmental issues

    MAB is a quarterly publication issued by the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO. This issue includes the following articles:
    •    Water Pollution.
    •    Can Environmental issues be solved in Egypt?
    •    Medical Geology: a new...

  • Ethical and legal issues related to Human Embryo Researches

    Scientific researches related human embryo are one of the most important and controversial subjects when it first emerged on the scientific arena recently.
    This fact was due to the necessity for biological enhancement which represents a strategic option for most developed and developing...

  • Approaches of eradicating family literacy
  • Guides for Students, Teachers, Parents and Specialists
    Since early sixties, UNESCO stressed on the importance of Media Education in social development as UNESCO is interested in creating new channels for dialogue.
    because the National Commission is aware of this...
  • Promoting and Teaching the Principles of Media Education among Media Students and Personnel
    Media Education is considered a new revolution in the field of Media. This type of education sets the foundations for shaping and craeting the message conveyed to audience.
  • Egypt and UNESCO Bulletin

    Egypt and UNESCO Bulletin is now a semi-annual publication issued by the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO to promote the commission's activities and events.

  • The impact of Arab and Islam in the European renaissance
    This publication is a new chapter in the book of the modest efforts exerted by the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO in exchanging moral and cultural values between west and east.
  • Documenting, Categorizing and Archiving Cultural Heritage of Egypt
    Within the framework of the convention of safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003, the Egyptian National Commission...
  • Nominating Astrological Sites on World Heritage List
    Within the framework of celebrations of the UN International year of Astronomy, as the initiative of the UNESCO World Heritage Center on "Astronomy and World Heritage", the Egyptian National Commission in...